You can Apply for Sulvo Ad Network to Monetize Your Blog.

Sulvo Ads serve as alternative to Google Adsense ads and I’ve decided to give you folks some update about it. I think this will be useful to publishers and bloggers that love try different advertising networks.

Sulvo lets you get the best possible CPM by letting more ad networks bid for the ad impressions on your blog – and Adsense is one of the bidders competing for the impressions through Sulvo.
Sulvo simply lets you monetize your blog with sticky video ads, sticky mobile ads, sticky display ads and regular display ads – and get paid per thousand impression of ads served on your blog.
Sulvo threshold is $100 and payment methods include : payoneer, paypal, international wire transfer. For Nigerian bloggers, international wire transfer and payoneer should be fine. If you have a PayPal account that can receive payment.
According to some sulvo reviews, you will earn cool money from your blog with Sulvo ads if you get lots of traffic from european countries – and it’s recommended not to have more than 5 Sulvo and AdSense ad units together per page.
How to Sign Up As Publisher at

You can click here to request for an account at

You will be required to place a code in your blog for verification purpose. After placing the code in your blog’s html, you wait for their approval mail.  This might take up to a week though. Once approved, you can sign in to your sulvo account to start generating your sulvo ad codes and place in your blog.

There are some requirements your site needs to fulfill such as minimum traffic and site quality. However, if you are already running AdSense and comply with the AdSense Program Policies there should not be any additional requirements for you.

Give it a try and let’s see how it goes’


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