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In 1976, The New Yorker published a cover illustration by Saul Steinberg called “View of the World from 9th Avenue.” In the distance are a smattering of indistinguishable American cities and states. Los Angeles is barely visible and when you look beyond, you see the vast Pacific coast, with Asia on the horizon.

One of the most important stories in the world today is happening on the Pacific Coast. The Pacific is the global capital of change and innovation, and the vanguard of a creative and technological revolution. It also happens to be the world’s fifth-biggest economy, and home to its five biggest companies by market value.

The Innovation Economy deserves robust media coverage. It deserves a news source that distills the day-to-day developments in technology and media and provides an understanding of the big picture. It deserves a great morning newsletter that puts the tech and media power players at the center of the action.

PACIFIC is the newsletter for the Innovation Economy. It puts the power players in tech and media at the center of the action, and covers their moves and their interests, because those moves and interests signal where society is headed.

Asia is on the immediate horizon, very near and growing closer. And in the far distance, circling all the way back to New York and Washington, the rest of the world, waiting to be changed.

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source: CNN

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