WhatsApp is using newspapers to combat fake news in India

Photo; Rishi Iyengar

The messaging service, owned by Facebook, took out full-page ads in leading English and Hindi newspapers on Tuesday, giving readers 10 tips to spot messages that might be fake.

The ads are part of a campaign by WhatsApp in its biggest market following a spate of lynchings that have been blamed on hoaxes sent over the platform.

WhatsApp’s tips include checking with other sources, looking up photos online that may be edited, and thinking twice before forwarding a message you have doubts about.

WhatsApp, which has more than 200 million users in India, is also rolling out several new features to stop the spread of fake rumors. One of those shows when a message has been forwarded rather than composed by the sender.

Other big tech firms around the world are also trying to combat misinformation, including Facebook. YouTube, the hugely popular video platform owned by Google, announced theirs too. Twitter  is also taking action, with a report last week saying it suspended 70 million accounts in May.

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