Whatsapp threatens to block users using GB WhatsApp account

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GB WhatsApp is an altered version of WhatsApp created by a third party. It combines regular WhatsApp features with modded and customised ones that are not offered by the original WhatsApp app. Some of these features include the ability to;

Hide your ‘online’ status

Remove the double tick (“message delivered/received”) option

Retrieve deleted photos that were sent to you

Retrieve other users’ deleted status

Download status updates

Send up to 90 images at a go, amongst others.

Whatsapp warns GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus users that it might block them from the Whatsapp app if they don’t switch from the unsupported versions to the official app.

They also warn that these unofficial apps, though WhatsApp lookalikes, do not follow WhatsApp’s security measures, and may pose a potential privacy risk for its users, hence the ban.

These clone apps are highly modded by unverified independent sources and are not even available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. You’d have to find iffy, probably unsecure, back-alley ways to download them.

And since they don’t follow WhatsApp’s security guidelines, your data is fresh meat. Anyone can listen and view your messages from the other end, and your device can become spyware central at any moment.

Meanwhile, you can find detailed instructions on transferring your data from GB WhatsApp to the official app here.

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