What you must do to be a Blogger. BASICS.

A blogger is someone who blogs or writes content for a blog. Blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog. Whichever way you put it, it remains the same. A lot of individuals have come up with the desire to become a blogger. May be because of the inspiring stories they heard about successful bloggers, or because they feel it’s an easy hobby to fall into and start making cash.

A lot of people have gotten it all wrong on how they view blogging. Some feel it is something you don’t need training for, while in the actual sense they are wrong.
In my experience as a blogger, I’ve come across many young personnel’s that have showed interest in blogging but along the line, most of them drop it. Some due to finance, some no spare time and some see it as tiring.
For me, I have come up with some basic points and things needed for one to at least start blogging and make out a living from it too. Check them below:
For you to be a good blogger, you must have passion for it. This is the first point from me because this is what will sustain you during the rough times while blogging. It is said that when you do something you have passion for, it is no work  for you  because you derive joy in doing it.
A Niche here means what you want to blog about. I’ve seen folks that come up with the idea of blogging about anything or everything. This makes you jack of all trades and one may not be an authority in them. Choosing a topic or niche or sector to blog about makes it easier because you are blogging about a specific topic and people will know you for that.
For me, this is compulsory. Am not saying you must have a capital for it, but when you look at it critically, you will notice that finance is key. You will need cash to buy data, buy some basic tools and even use it to get exclusive contents.
You can’t say you want to be a when you don’t have a laptop, a good smart phone and an internet provider. To me, these are the first basic tools needed to start up and finance makes them to be possible.
For you to be a blogger, honestly you must passionately devote time for it. If it warrants you to stay awake at night to get an article done, can you stay awake? Can you bring out time to do research on your niche? Can you sacrifice a spare time from your busy schedule just to post on your blog? Too many questions to ask here but the final word are you must sacrifice and passionately devote time for blogging.
This is the last but not the least. Here you must show some intelligence. You must show some good creativity is writing and creating exclusive contents for your blog. You should also show the interest on how to monetize and be generating revenue from your blog. You can experience an event relating to your niche and turn it into news or article that people will read and  show interest to read more. This point is what will make you stand out as a good blogger among others.
I believe if you exhibit these few points of mine on becoming a blogger and following them very well, you are sure that you are on your way in becoming a professional blogger and also become successful too.

What do you think?

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