What does WhatsApp share with Facebook?

WhatsApp has said the data it shares from users outside the EU and UK does not include messages, groups or call logs.

However, it does include:

Phone number and other information provided on registration (such as name)

Information about the user’s phone, including make, model, and mobile company

Internet protocol (IP) addresses, which indicate the location of a user’s internet connections

Any payments and financial transactions made over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp stressed that its practice of sharing data with Facebook was not new, and was not being expanded. It said there had been “confusion” about its message, which initially gave people until 8 February to accept its updated terms or stop using the service.

WhatsApp has now changed the cut-off date to 15 May, saying it would use the time to clear up misinformation.

“We can’t see your private messages or hear your calls, and neither can Facebook,” WhatsApp said in an earlier FAQ blog post.

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