Video Streaming services boom during lockdown.

One in five households in Britain – six million – signed up to an online video subscription service during the Covid-19 lockdown, data suggests.

The majority of those sign-ups, 52%, are going to Disney+, according to market research firm Kantar. The most-enjoyed piece of content, though, was Netflix’s exclusive documentary series Tiger King.

Kantar’s data shows the tech giant’s TV service was popular on smartphone and tablet devices, but lagged behind competitors in terms of TV screen viewing.

“It’s been a huge quarter for streaming in the UK. We can certainly associate a good deal of that with the current lockdown situation,” Dominic Sunnebo, senior vice president at Kantar, told the BBC.

Although comparable data is not available for previous years, Mr Sunnebo said that because of the launch of new services such as Disney+, it was safe to assume that the average number of online video subscriptions had risen comfortably in the last couple of years.

He added that 36% of new subscriptions between February and April – 2.2 million – were made by people who had never previously signed up to a streaming service.

Kantar’s data is gathered from a panel of 15,000 consumers and interviews with 2,500 new streaming service subscribers each quarter.

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