Video games include ‘stay at home’ Covid-19 adverts

Three of the UK’s leading video games developers are to display coronavirus safety advice within their titles.

Candy Crush Saga, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Sniper Elite 4 are among the games that will feature the messaging.

The initial ads will focus on the theme: “Stay home. Save lives.”

“A lot of people spend hundreds of hours in computer games.

“And in this case, we thought we could help society by reminding people of their obligations to others.”

The games creators will feature the promotions in different ways.

In Rebellion’s case, it will display the message on a screen shown before gameplay begins within its Strange Brigade and Sniper Elite titles. It normally uses the launcher pages to promote its other wares. In the case of PC gamers, the pages will also contain a link to a website containing further advice about the virus.

In the case of Dirt Rally, players will see the advice on the roadside banners they race past.

Because the technology is geo-targeted, the messages will be restricted to UK-based gamers. But Codemasters says it hopes to extend the initiative to other European and American players soon with localised public safety information.

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