Using POS Machine in Churches and Mosques.

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A point of sale terminal (POS terminal) is an electronic device used to process card payments at locations. A POS Machine generally reads the information off an individual’s credit or debit card. POS devices are common in churches while some accept it’s a method of money collection that would ease individuals of giving cash for offering and also make charity donations electronically.

 Generally in all parts of the world, the Churches are predominant in making use of the device during worship sessions than the Muslims. The Church do make use of modern technologies in their modes of operation; the Muslims are also making use of High-Tech equipment such as digital speakers and micro phones for the Chief Imam as he leads during prayer sessions.

This assertion clearly defines the link between religious belief and the new information and communication technologies which are the most defining media instruments of the twenty-first century. Churches make use of the device during sessions of tithe, general offering, special offering, thanksgiving, harvest, covenant offering, offering for the less privileged/needy, building construction donations etc.

The Mosques are not left out because Muslims make donations, make offerings for the needy, building construction donations etc which are done freely as the spirit leads.

Churches and mosques do have centralized treasury and this leads to a bank account which is opened to keep safe the cash donations made to them. The Banks are rendering the services of the POS links to aid the many individuals already practicing the cashless reforms to make their sincere donations while still living the cashless life and keeping their religious beliefs alive.

POS is a 21st century technology that has been helping lives and organizations in dealing with cash crisis. It is a financial security measure that should be used in our churches and mosques to help believers in their charity donations and personal offering.  

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