Using Electronic Gadgets in Church.

What has been your experience with the taking to Church of electronic gadgets like iPad, phones, etc.? Those who do say it assists them to open and locate Bible books and verses faster than using the hard-copy Bible.

In an interview, Prof. Ezra Aniebue, Global President, African Pastors Network, who-is-who-Nigeria from Dallas USA has this as his responds to questions partening to the use of gadgets in church:
* Do you prefer the Bible on electronic gadgets to your good old hard-copy Bible?
Answer: The Bible says, there is time for everything. When one is in Church, there is nothing more captivating like carrying a hard copy Bible, opening it, searching the Scriptures as they are quoted during the preaching, taking notes and underlining important points or writing down the things you believe that GOD is saying to you through the sermon. While, I use electronic Bible extensively, I will caution believers on using it exclusively because you can lose the joy of being able to know exactly where the books are located in the Bible and the forming of a special bond with the Word of GOD, the Bible.
* Has the use of gadgets made Christians better and faster in Churches?
The issue of better and faster here is funny because the developed world has better and faster technologies but more stress and problems in their lives, Churches, schools and families. A solid relationship with GOD requires investing time and worshipping and respecting GOD. Technology has its place and benefits, but spending time and cracking open your Bible and studying it for hours is where people learn principles that can positively impact their lives. It can be a very serious point of distraction for someone who is undisciplined. For example, there are temptations to do postings, check messages, check emails, text and reply messages, etc. Now, for someone who is genuine, they can turn off their Internet and use their iPad to take notes.
* Should it be encouraged or discouraged in Churches?
 It depends. I think that pastors should do a Bible study in their Churches on Reverencing the Temple. A solid Scripture based study on the right and wrong attitudes in GOD’S Presence should help people act accordingly.

* Is there any advantage/disadvantage in using them in the Church?
There are several personal disadvantages for inappropriately using electronics and engaging in social media while GOD is talking to the person via his/her preacher. The only advantage I see in using electronics is after preaching, praise and worship has concluded. Here people can use it to take pictures. etc. In my opinion, I will suggest to turn off electronics and focus on worshiping GOD, opening your Bible and taking notes of what HE tells you in the Church service. This will make a big difference in the quality of your relationship with GOD and in your personal growth.

What do you think?

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