The use of drones by African farmers for Productivity

The African Development Bank is investing $24 billion over the next 10 years to “jump start the transformation” of farming. Boosting productivity and improving access to modern tools and land management information is vital, it says. And that’s where Aerobotics comes in.

Founded by James Paterson, the young company is hoping to fix some of these pressing problems using artificial intelligence. Their mission is to provide bird’s eye surveillance for farmers, with the aim of optimizing crop yields and reducing costs and also to provide signal for herdsmen attack in the case of Nigeria farmers.

They achieve this by using computers to interpret imagery from satellites, drones and mobile phones and provide predictive information on crop health. The drones are flown at specific points during the season to get more detailed information.

Aeroview analyzes the data it receives to highlight poor performing areas for farmers to investigate. It can also diagnose problems caused by disease, pests, and a lack of water or nutrients. Aerobotics now operates in 11 countries, including the United States, Russia and the U.K. With almost 200 clients across the world (about 85% are in South Africa), they’re planning to expand their commercial and software development teams rapidly.

We at MEXYTEK wish this new trend will be adopted by majority of the African farmers for more productivity and advancement especially Nigeria.


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