Two Internet fraudsters attempts to use their mum for money rituals’

Prosper plans to use the money he realises from using his parents for wealth ritual to take care of them. This is what he told policemen when he was arrested. He is a 25-year-old Nigerian youth.

He makes a confession with the clothes of his parents in his hands. They are local Ankara wears commonly patronised by elderly folks in Nigeria.

The youth planned to take the clothes to a black magic priest to perform rituals required to bring him wealth.

Another yahoo plus guy named Taiwo Akinola, has also been arrested by the police in Lagos following an attempt to use his mum for money rituals.

On Sunday, August 19, 2018, the suspect attacks the victim, Mrs Alice Iyabo Akinola at her residence in Ayobo.

As soon as she got into the house he smashed a plank on her head and followed it up with a UPS charger on the same head in a bid to finish her instantly.

The incident has been confirmed by police spokesperson CSP Chike Oti according to a Punch News report.

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