Twitter shuts down terrorist accounts in two years

The first half of 2017, twitter suspended about 300,000 accounts found to promote terrorism.The company has suspended more than 935,000 accounts for promoting terrorism since August 2015, when it first announced efforts to combat extremism on its platform.

For the first time, Twitter broke down the data from government reports that violate terms of service into three other categories: abusive behavior, copyright and trademark issues. The vast majority of government-related reports were related to abusive behavior.

“Twitter’s aggressive pro-IS account take-down activity means that the once vibrant and extensive IS Twitter network is now almost non-existent,” according to VOX-Pol. Other groups, like non-IS jihadis and the extreme right, have “largely gone under the radar” as a result, the research group said.

VOX-Pol warns that attention should be paid to other extremist accounts beyond Islamic State supporters, as well.

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