Twisting skyscraper to become Australia’s tallest building.

Credit: UNStudio and Cox Architecture

A twisting skyscraper in Melbourne is set to become Australia’s tallest building, after it was announced Wednesday as the winner of an international design competition.

Set to break ground in 2020, the proposed “Green Spine” project comprises two main towers, the tallest of which will reach more than 356 meters (1,168 feet) into the sky. The structure forms part of a new development on Melbourne’s Southbank which is predicted to cost more than 2 billion Australian dollars ($1.4 billion).

In addition to residential and commercial space, the complex will provide public and outdoor facilities, including a “publicly accessible” roof garden.

The winning proposal was designed by Dutch firm UNStudio and Australia’s Cox Architecture. Its design features geometric glass facades and a “spine” of balconies, terraces and gardens filled with trees and foliage.

The larger of the two towers will stand more than 30 meters above Australia’s current tallest building, the Gold Coast’s 322 meter (1,058 foot) Q1 skyscraper.

The winning proposal was chosen by a seven-member jury as part of a design competition organized by property developer Beulah International.

Beulah International’s executive director, Adelene Teh, said in a statement the new development will serve as a “visual beacon” for the downtown Melbourne neighborhood.

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