Tech tips to be used for a Festival Weekend in UK.

Festival season has now kicked off, and if you’re planning to spend a weekend away in a field at some of the UK’s best events, then it’s best to consider some of the best tech around to keep you charged up as you keep having fun.

Here we offer these essential tech recommendations to survive a festival weekend.
Download a Festival’s app
The best way to plan your weekend is download the festival’s app. You’ll be able to find stage times, secret announcements, exclusive content and much more. You will be able to view festivals such as Livewire Festival, Board masters, Fusion Festival and many more, all of which enhance the overall festival experience.
Get a Power Bank
No festival survival pack is complete without a power bank. Finding power supply in an event centre is tough, let alone waiting hours on end in the long queues at the recharge tents.
Invest in a good quality sturdy power bank that can offer multiple recharges over the weekend. You’ll find it absolutely good especially when you’ve lost your friends in the middle of a chat or calls due to you’re low on battery power.
Get a Bluetooth Speaker
Make sure you bring along a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can still hear good music especially when the music stops. It’s the worst feeling at a festival when you head back to your tent area after the headliners have finished and there’s no music. It can be boring.
Protect your phone with a good Pouch.
Its one thing losing your phone when the craziness is going on, but if you’re able to provide the best defense for you phone, then you should take full advantage of that.
There are so many phone pouch cases to choose from, so ensure you pick one that offers the best shock absorption, waterproof casing and screen security.
Take a Torch
Avoid tripping over guy ropes in the middle of the night and endlessly stumbling around in the dark looking for a toilet. By packing a torch you’ll solve all your problems with one essential gadget. So make sure you’re armed with some handy gadgets and tech to survive your festival weekend.

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