‘Self-driving’ Trucks to be tested on UK roads.

A contract has been awarded to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to carry out the tests on the vehicles platoons.

In the platoons, the lead vehicle will be controlled by a human driver and will communicate with the rest of the convoy wirelessly.
Small convoys of partially self-driving lorries will be tried out on major British roads by the end of next year, the government has announced.
Up to three lorries will travel in formation, with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle. The following vehicles will be instructed to accelerate and brake by the lead vehicle, allowing the lorries to drive closer together than they could with human drivers.
However, human drivers will still steer all the lorries in the convoy.
The TRL will begin trials of the technology on test tracks, but these trials are expected to move to major roads by the end of 2018.

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