President Biden Twitter account ‘starts from zero’ with no Trump followers


US president-elect Joe Biden has been given his new official presidential Twitter account, but has been forced to start it with zero followers.

The Biden campaign is unhappy with the move, which marks a change from the previous transition from Barack Obama.

The new account, @PresElectBiden, will transform into the official @POTUS (President of the United States) one on inauguration day on 20 January.

In its first six hours online it gained nearly 400,000 followers.

Mr Biden’s own account has 24 million followers.

His team has also registered new accounts – @FLOTUSBiden for the future first lady, Jill Biden, and for the first time, @SecondGentleman, for Ms Harris’s

Donald Trump inherited the Potus account’s 13 million or so followers when it moved to him from Mr Obama – but that will not happen this time.

Mr Biden’s team was told about the move less than a month ago, and said it meant “the administration will have to start from zero”.

Mr Obama was the first US leader to have an official Twitter account. The @POTUS account was set up during his tenure in 2015.

At the end of his second term, a transition plan for handing over the official accounts to Mr Trump was drawn up – with @POTUS going to the new administration.

All of Mr Obama’s official tweets were archived for posterity on a separate account, @POTUS44 (where they can still be read today).

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