Phone app that alerts users to look up while taking a walk.


Android users will receive a notification telling them to stop looking at their mobile phones while walking, a leaked new tool suggests.

The feature is being tested in an update to the Digital Wellbeing app, tech blog XDA Developers reported.

Screenshots of the app show a notification will appear on the screen of the phone, with a prompt to look up.

“Get a reminder to focus on what’s around you,” the tool by Google’s Android says.

Heads Up

The feature, called Heads Up, is built into the Digital Wellbeing app – one designed to help users manage how much they use their phones.

For example, you can set a limit on certain app use, or silence notifications at set times.

According to XDA Developers, the notifications can be switched on and off in the phone’s settings.

Jay Prakash Kamat tweeted screenshots of Heads Up after spotting the update on his Google Pixel 4a phone.

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