Nigeria’s first Blockchain Hub opens in Abuja with a crypto forensic lab

CREDIT: Blockchain Nigeria User Group

The first fully fitted blockchain hub with a standard crypto forensic investigation lab, Convexity Hub, indicates a promising step to unmask the ecosystem and provide regulators expert-based channel for active government participation in the blockchain-crypto ecosystem.

The hub was commissioned by Shehu Balarabe Kakele, a member of the House of Representative for Bodinga Dange Shuni and Tureta Federal Constituency of Sokoto state at Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives.

The first day was for the commissioning, while the second day was dedicated to blockchain developer wanabies. Participants were exposed to the career opportunities available in blockchain including technical and non-technical roles.

A preparatory class ahead of Solana Season, a global blockchain tech hackathon that will start from May 15 to June 7, 2021, was also held.

Participants in the hackathon can win up to 1 million dollars and twenty-five thousand dollars in global prices and seed funding provided by the Solana foundation.

The launch of this blockchain technology hub has many significant and multiplying effects on the overall growth and development of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria and across Africa.

According to Chimezie Chuta, the co-host and convener of BNUG, “The blockchain technology hub is a bold statement by the industry operators, to show that blockchain technology has come to stay and that it is a technology and innovation of value which if government and private sector-based organizations can leverage, it will definitely accelerate their value delivery and off course increase their bottom line.”

In addition, the Lab’s CEO, Mr. Adedeji Owonibi, stated that, his company has partnered with Chain Analysis, a globally recognized forensic crypto investigation firm to create a world-class forensic lab where any kind of crypto transactions can be traced and to a higher extent, when possible, recover the funds involved.

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