Nigerian develops Speed Limiting device for road safety.

A Nigerian engineer and Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers Sunday Agada, has developed a home grown speed limiter which he says will keep the roads and road users safe from many avoidable accidents.

 He has further upgraded the technology and patented it into Ikani Engine Contactless Over Speed Alert, ECOSAD, a registered trademark.
According to Agada, “the essence of the invention is to prevent road traffic crashes by combining three crash triangle and factors; over speeding, pot holes and barriers. A deep analysis into the cause of road accidents revolves around these three factors.
“The application runs on android and can be activated on a smartphone. Travellers’ loved ones can also monitor the progress of the travel and how the driver is behaving through the GPS enabled device.
“Travellers on public transportation can also use it to monitor their drivers and be able to caution accordingly. The official speed limit is about 100km per hour in Nigeria.
Agada has spent N10m so far to bring it to 90 per cent completion. I need N23 million to bring the technology into market as a finished product. I also need investors to key in as well as business men who are interested in the distribution chain.”
He futher said that funding has been a major challenge, noting, “I have been striving because I have believed in this vision for the past 10 years. Agada won an award for the innovation in 2005 as a youth corps member.

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