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New travel map, Nexit, tells you what lies ahead as you journey.

Almost all the world’s problems today have solutions provided by technology. NEXIT, which tells you what lies ahead, is one of such technological innovations.

Who would have thought that the age-long saying that one never knows what lies ahead, would be so easily demystified by a piece of metal with some insignificant chips, called the mobile phone?

Nexit is the all-in-one navigation app to power the perfect road trip. Designed as the next generation in mobile mapping, Nexit provides turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find exactly what the user is looking for, when it is needed, particularly on the go. Users can search for any combination of restaurants, hotels, shopping, attractions, the cheapest gas and more based on price, distance and specific features.

Founders of the app say it is currently available for free in the App Store—Apple iOS ( and will be on Android soon.

Nexit is an intuitive road-trip app that predicts where the user is going and shows him or her what is at each exit.

Turn-by-turn voice and visual directions will guide the user to any stops he may select, while incorporating up-to-date traffic information for the fastest movement. Nexit will only show places along one’s route, so the user never doubles back or drives too far off the highway.

Enjoyed mainly by road users in America at the moment, the app which launched a couple of months ago, is arguably the only all-in-one app for highway travellers, because it goes beyond what existing map apps provide.

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