A new flying car named BlackFly has been unveiled in carlifonia.

Credit: OPENER

A flying car that will not require a pilot’s licence to operate has been unveiled in California. BlackFly can travel for up to 25 miles (40km) at a speed of 62mph.

Its makers say it will eventually cost the same as a typical sports-utility car, but early models will be more expensive. The vehicle carries one person in a small cockpit, powered by “eight propulsion systems, spread across two wings”. While the vehicle will not require a pilot’s licence, Opener said as a precaution riders would have to undergo a training programme in order to become acquainted.

BlackFly’s creator is the Palo Alto-based firm Opener. The car has been tested in Canada, where the country’s aviation authority has authorised its use and it works best, Opener says, when taking off and landing from grassy surfaces.

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