Netflix has gotten a whole lot cheaper for Africa


Netflix just announced a mobile-only subscription starting at $3.99, that’s more than half the price of its basic subscription plan. What happens when the elephants in question are not two, but three of the biggest Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) platforms in Africa!

The new plan caters for the majority of its African audience who stream Netflix from their mobile. And is currently available to users in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and other SubSaharan countries.

Netflix also launched a Play Partial Download feature that allows users to play Netflix videos which haven’t downloaded completely.

This means that if your connection cuts off while you’re downloading an episode of Blood and Water, you can still watch the fraction that actually entered your device, and resume your download when you get a stronger connection.

But this news isn’t exactly unexpected, given the fact that Netflix’s been in a streaming battle with two other African SVOD elephants, iRokoTV and Showmax.

In fact, with each party trying to outdo the other with more customer-friendly updates, it was actually pretty predictable.

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