Microsoft unveils a 10-inch iPad called Surface Go.


The Go offers the look and feel of Microsoft’s larger Surface tablets in a 10-inch package that weighs just over a pound and costs $399.

Although aimed at all users, the Go could help Microsoft maintain momentum in its battle against Apple and Google for a greater share of the student market.

The Surface Go is about the size of a composition notebook and runs Windows 10 S software. It has a detachable keyboard and supports the Surface Pen. It also offers a few features aimed at students: Portrait mode renders pages much like a textbook and landscape mode renders them side-by-side like an open book.

“It equips mobile workers with a very light weight device that’s extremely manageable, secure, runs business applications in Windows, has the applications that employees really need and compete extremely well with the iPad ” says J.P. Gownder, vice president at research firm Forrester.

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