Mark Zuckerberg discloses plans to use his platform to combat racial injustice

Mark Zuckerberg has reacted to the deaths of a number of African Americans resulting from police brutality and he disclosed the efforts he’s making to use his platform to combat racial injustice.

The Facebook founder mourned the murder of, not just George Floyd, but also Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others.
He condemned police brutality saying it “reminds us how far our country has to go to give every person the freedom to live with dignity and peace.”

“It reminds us yet again that the violence Black people in America live with today is part of a long history of racism and injustice,” he added.
He further stated that “the organizations fighting for justice also need funding” and that “Facebook is committing an additional $10 million to groups working on racial justice.”

He acknowledged that the money will not be enough but they are making efforts to put it to good use.

He added that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan have been donating for years to fight racial injustice and will continue to do so through their initiative. He said, “the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has been one of the largest funders, investing ~$40 million annually for several years in organizations working to overcome racial injustice.”

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