Learn to manage Technology. Please read this.

The famous founder of Apple, Whats his name? Steve Jobs. Do you know, he wont even allow his children have tablets, or get gadgets. He wont allow his children.

He knows the power of addiction. Most of us don’t even know this. And some of you are addicted already,you wont admit.

Symptons of addiction:

You get angry without it. You get irritated without it. Think about it, You need to do something if you want to be serious with God. First thing in the morning: Do not touch your cellphone Spend time with God.

I suggest the following: Manage technology, do not allow technology manage you. Cellphone is not bad, technology is not bad, but you manage it!

How? Most  important word: Schedule. Set time. Limit: Limit the time Use technology for your own benefit.

Another important guideline: Face to Face. Spend time with your children. Play games face to face and not with the computer.

Model: Parents should model actual reading of the Bible or Koran or any inspiring book based on your faith. Show your children what you are reading.

Model playing games with your children. Model spending time with people And not always through the internet. This is what is destroying a lot of people today.

My prayer is this: You will learn to manage technology, and Don’t allow technology to manage you.

SOURCE:  LifeGoals.

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