Kidney smuggling racketeering in Nepal.

Police have arrested 5 people for their alleged involvement in a kidney-smuggling racket said to be operating from India.

Chitwan police arrested Durga Bahadur Darji, 41, Bikram Pahari, 35, Prakash Tamang, Deepak Limbu, 34, and Bishal Nepali, 28, from different parts of the district on different dates,  Deputy Superintendent of Police Prabhu Prasad Dhakal of District Police Office said on Sunday.

The kidney smugglers allegedly lure poor people to hospitals in India to have their kidneys removed and sold.

Police filed a formal case against the suspects after one man came forward and confirmed that the five men had taken him to Delhi to harvest his kidney.

“We have found out that these kidney racketeers find prospective candidates from rural areas and make them undergo preliminary medical tests in Nepal before taking them to Delhi. The incident came to light after one such candidate escaped from Delhi and contacted us,” DSP Dhakal said.

Superintendent of Police Sushil Singh Rathore said the arrested suspects used to earn Rs 50,000 for every donor.

“These men were lured by the prospect of earning quick money. Since kidney recipients are paying up to Rs 3.7 million for the organ in India, we suspect that these suspects are part of an international kidney harvesting racket,” SP Rathore added.


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