A jet airplane that takes off like a helicopter.

According to SAMAD Aerospace, the UK-based mastermind behind a new high-tech, dynamic airplane called the Starling Jet. Unveiled at the Singapore Air Show in January 2018, the jet is still being perfected, but its engineers hope it’ll be soaring through the skies by 2020.

This high speed aircraft, which seats four passengers plus a pilot, uses vertical take off and landing for maximum efficiency. This dream could soon be a business travel reality in the world.

According to SAMAD Aerospace, “Our dream is to revolutionize the way humans and goods fly around the world,” says SAMAD CEO Seyed Mohseni in a statement. “Imagine a transportation which is safer than a car, completely flexible, as eco-friendly as an electric vehicle, less time consuming than any plane or train and as luxurious as a private jet.” SAMAD says the concept is ideally suited to politicians and big corporations.

The new design is part of a fleet of Starling jets currently in the works from SAMAD. The UAV Starling is also fully electric and being pitched as perfect for transportation and observatory missions.

The cost of developing this idea from blueprint to blue sky will be roughly $125 million, but Mohseni’s team is confident it’ll become a reality.

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