Iran’s ‘forceful revenge’ against the US is likely to include cyber warfare.


Iran’s leaders vowed to exact “a forceful revenge” against the US Friday in response to an American drone strike that killed Iranian Quds Force head Qassem Soleimani.

Now, cybersecurity and defense experts are bracing for a possible Iranian cyber-offensive that could target online infrastructure across the US military and private sector.

Experts told Business Insider that Iran has spent years building out its computer warfare capabilities. Since 2010, when Iran faced a cyber attack on its nuclear facilities, the country has focused heavily on beefing up its cyber defense operations.

“Iran is an intelligent cyber opponent with an army of people testing our systems every minute of every day. It is the ultimate game of cat and mouse,” Sam Curry, chief security officer at Cybereason , told Business Insider.

Iran has focused heavily on building out its cyber warfare capabilities since 2010, when a cyberattack temporarily took down its nuclear facilities.

Iranian hackers have proven capable of cyberattacks that brought entire countries to their knees in 2015, Iranian hackers caused a massive power outage in Turkey that lasted more than 12 hours.

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