Huawei unveils its Mate 40 sophisticated smartphones to the world

Huawei has unveiled its Mate 40 smartphones claiming they feature a more “sophisticated” processor than Apple’s forthcoming iPhones.

The component was made using the same “five nanometre” process as its US rival’s chip, but contains billions more transistors.

As a result, the Chinese firm claims its phones are more powerful.

Huawei also faces other earlier restrictions placed on it by Washington, which have prevented any of the devices it has launched since mid-2019 from providing access to some of Google’s services, including its Play Store.

Despite this, Huawei remains the world’s third-bestselling smartphone-maker, and the market leader in its home country.

The basic Mate 40 model – which Huawei said costs €899 ($1,049; £800) – has a 6.5in (16.5cm) OLED display. Three more expensive versions – ranging in price up to €2,295 – have 6.8in OLED screens.

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