Google says goodbye to Auto-Play Video Adverts.

The days of these annoying auto-play video ads may be numbered: Google has announced ad-blocking features that will likely be rolled out in the next year. Like when you visit a website and a video starts playing aloud automatically and you can’t find the mute button to turn it off.

Google has openly expressed that, beginning right on time one year from now; it will acquaint changes with its Chrome web program that will handicap certain sorts of advertisements on desktop and portable mobile phones.
Google isn’t calling this change an ad-blocker, but it’s essentially an ad-blocker: it will only filter out certain types of advertisements that Google believes creates a bad user experience. That includes auto-play video ads with sound.
It also includes pop-up advertising, and so-called prestitial countdown ads. These are the ads that show a countdown where you have to wait 10 to 30 seconds before you’re allowed to see the content you’re actually interested in.

Google will offer publishers a tool called Ad Experience Reports which will help them analyze their websites to identify problematic ads and potential issues with this new version of Chrome.

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