Google is set to open its first retail store to sell devices.


The company announced on Thursday that it is opening its first physical retail store, called Google Store, this summer in New York City.

The store will be located under its offices in the Chelsea neighborhood, where it employs many of its more than 11,000 employees in the city.

Some of the items for sale will include Pixel phones, Nest products, Fitbit devices and Pixelbooks.

Google will employ “experts” to help customers troubleshoot issues, fix a cracked Pixel screen or help with installations. In a blog post, the company called it “an important next step in our hardware journey.”

“Many customers still want to experience hardware before they buy it and learn what it feels like, sounds like and looks like in their hand or on a desk,” it added.

Over the years, the company has opened temporary Google hardware shops in cities including New York, Chicago and London, allowing people to see how products work, attend workshops and make purchases.

Google has otherwise relied on its website and other retailers, such as Best Buy and Amazon, to sell its products.

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