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<> on March 9, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Food delivery company Deliveroo has emerged as one of the most successful tech brands in online food delivery service abroad. Launched in 2013 by American-born Shu. He started the company in London when he couldn’t find delivery options from high-quality restaurants.

Deliveroo uses its own delivery people, mostly on bikes or mopeds, to get orders from local restaurants to customers. In addition to working with local eateries, it provides aspiring chefs with kitchen space to get small businesses off the ground. It then offers the food they make on Deliveroo.

” Co-founder Will Shu in his words said: “I was the first Deliveroo rider,  “I did that job for a whole year, every single day.” “I still do deliveries probably once every two weeks, so I have a pretty good sense of what riders want,” he said. “Number one: They want flexibility.”

“They’re actors in their spare time; they’re students; they’re taking care of the elderly; they’re doing all kinds of different things,” he said.

However, Deliveroo isn’t free from challenges. Its delivery workers repeatedly go on strike over wages and lack of benefits.

Shu said the company remains focused on growth, including the possibility of entering the US market, and building out its kitchen concept for aspiring chefs, called Editions.

The company takes a higher cut of each order than its traditional restaurant delivery service. “The specific commercial arrangement can vary restaurant by restaurant, but the idea is that we are bringing the best supply to customers as possible,” he added.

Deliveroo’s success has earned a $2 billion valuation in just five years and It’s currently available in more than 200 cities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

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