Few effective ways to use Google Search.

More often than not, we usually have to comb through several pieces of information to find what we want. That’s why we at Mexytek have made a list of ways to use Google Search.

We have researched and came out with a list of effective ways to use Google Search for practical results. Check them out below:

Search websites:
Sometimes, you see an interesting article on a particular website and want to just read it again. All you have to do is search from the website by typing the name of the website and a key word or phrase from the article and it will come up in the search results.

The use of synonyms:
You can use this to your advantage when doing some online research. If you need to find any subject matter rather than a specific phrase, simply add the “~” symbol. For example, if you search “travelling~guide” you will get links about touring guides, holiday destinations etc.

The use of Asterisks:
A lot of times, we find it hard to remember a key word, number, or phrase required for the search query we want to search for. You can find what you’re looking for by simply adding the “*” to what you can remember and the search results will bring it out for you.

The Use of ‘Or’:
Sometimes we are not sure the specific information we are looking for. All you need to do is to include an “OR” between the terms and it would be much easier to find any information you’re looking for on Google.

Use these Google search tips and it will help you to be more productive in finding information via Google on the Internet or online.

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