Facebook rolls out smart glasses

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of its smart glasses called Ray-ban stories in partnership with eye wear maker Essilor Luxottica owners of Ray-ban band.

Just like smart watches have taken over most functions performed by our mobile phones, the Ray-Ban stories will also carry most functions carried out by our smart phones.

Users of the Ray-Ban stories can use it to snap photos and videos with the two onboard 5 MP cameras, listen to music with in-frame speakers and take phone calls.

  You can use the glasses to take and store hundreds of photos or dozens of videos on the glasses before transferring media to their phones via Facebook’s new View app. The twin cameras will allow users to add 3D effects to their photos and videos once they upload them to the app.

The glasses need to be connected to an iOS or Android device for full functionality, The Ray-Ban stories glasses is lightweight and weighs less than 50 grams. The battery lift is advertised as “all-day. This smart glasses by Facebook is first of its kind and make the case for face-worn wearables.

Users will be able to control the glasses with a couple physical buttons including a “capture” button to record media and an on-off switch. A touch pad on the right arm of the glasses will allow users to perform functions like swiping to adjust the volume or answering a phone call. An onboard white LED will glow to indicate to the people around the wearer that a video is being recorded.

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