Facebook promises to tackle fake news broadcasters.

Facebook is making plans to step up its efforts to fight fake news by sending more suspected hoax stories to fact-checkers and publishing their findings online.
This is coming up following criticism of the social media firm for not doing enough to root out fake news on its domain. It has also just launched a new feature in four countries that will publish alternative news links beneath problematic articles. But several experts said the measures did not do go far enough.
Brooke Binkowski, managing editor of fact-checking magazine Snopes, told the BBC: “I applaud their efforts to ‘flood out’ fake news, a method of which I have been a proponent for a long time.”
Mr Felle said if the firm really wanted to stop fake news, it needed to back the news industry in a better way.

“If Facebook wants to help journalism it needs to put its hand in its pocket and support quality, trusted news organisations to better reach audiences, and advertisers.”

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