Facebook is introducing Transgender features in its platform.


Facebook is introducing a new feature on its social media platform called “Facebook Dating,” with five gender options.

The platform, which is currently in test mode, will allow users to select from five different genders,: woman, trans woman, man, trans man and non-binary.

The new feature will serve as a special section within the main Facebook app. It is expected to help people “find more serious relationships” on the platform. It is currently being tested by Facebook’s own employees.

The feature will allow users above 18 years to activate dating settings and the registered users’ friends on Facebook cannot see the dating profile.

Due to impersonation, it is not so clear what form of measure Facebook is going to make to address the ugly side of internet dating in the world.

Here are the few features of Facebook Dating

– 5 gender options

– Your current Facebook friends cannot see your dating profile

– You control who you want to see and who will see you

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