Europe’s tallest skyscraper almost completed.

The tallest building in Europe is nearly complete. Rising above a new waterfront complex in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Lakhta Center’s tower stands at 462 meters (1,516 feet) tall, making it the city’s first “supertall” building.

The 87-story tower twists a full 90 degrees from its foundation to its top, like a winding needle. This makes it one of the world’s tallest examples of a “twisted” skyscraper design.

Residential and commercial space will be installed up to a height of 360 meters (1,181 feet), above which an observation deck and restaurant will offer breathtaking views over the Gulf of Finland.

The Lakhta Center takes the title of Europe’s tallest building from Moscow’s Federation Tower, completed in 2017. Lakhta Center broke ground in 2012 and will serve as the headquarters of Russian gas giant Gazprom.

Drone images show the main tower’s impressive silhouette, which was designed to symbolize a flame — a distinctive feature of Gazprom’s logo.

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