Cyber Attacks on Nigerian businesses

Cyber attack or computer crime hacking password on a dark background.

Cybercrime has become the worst threat to every company in the world. It is estimated that about 54 per cent of companies globally.

In Nigeria, despite the array of solution providers in the market. Both large and small organizations in the country fall victim to cyber attacks on daily basis, losing valuable data, information and even money in the process.

The National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA has raised alarm over impending cyber attacks on many Nigerian companies. The agency warned all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs and other government establishments as well as the private sector, to be wary of potential attacks in 2018.

The agency’s warning was based on the intelligence of its Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team, CERRT, which it deployed in conjunction with other industry stakeholders, in their efforts at ensuring a safe and secure cyberspace.

The shocking revelation, however, is that it could get worse this year if stricter security measures are not adopted. Unfortunately, only about 38 per cent of global organizations claim to have the right infrastructure to handle the kind of sophisticated cyber-attack anticipated to spring up this year.

Conscious security tips.

Other tips that could help Nigerian companies be security conscious include:

 *Ensure that free Wi-Fi connections as well as other wireless connections such as Bluetooth or infrared ports are not used unless where necessary;

*Ensure that operating systems and other software applications are regularly updated with the latest patches;

 *Install anti-malware protection on all IT systems as this will help in protecting your organization’s network from potential attacks through virus-laden software and email attachments.

* Put appropriate guidelines in place for connecting personal devices into the organization’s network;

*Use credential vaults and multi-factor authentication instead of user passwords;

*Regularly back up organization’s data and critical files.

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