Chinese plane slides off runway while landing in heavy rain


A PLANE carrying 157 passengers skidded off a runway in the Philippines last night, tearing off an engine.

The aircraft had circled for an hour and already abandoned one landing attempt as torrential rain pounded the tarmac.

On the first attempt the plane reportedly “misapproached” the runway at Manila International Airport.

The jet lost contact with the tower on the second attempt, according to civil aviation chief Jim Sydiongco.

It appeared to have “bounced” in a hard landing then veered off the runway and rolled toward a rain-soaked grassy area with its lights off, Eric Apolonio, spokesman of the civil aviation agency said. “With God’s blessings all passengers were able to evacuate safely,”

The left engine and a wheel were ripped away as the plane skidded from the runway. Passengers were taken to an airport terminal, where they were given blankets and food before being taken to a hotel, Monreal said.

Aviation authorities have closed the airport’s main runway until 4pm local time, forcing some airlines to cancel, delay or reroute flights.

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