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Check out workers salaries at top tech companies in the world.

The pay at big tech companies can be pretty high and attractive. In a recent filing, Google parent Alphabet revealed that the median compensation for its employees is at nearly $200,000 a year.

The median wage (or net compensation) is the wage “in the middle.” That is, half of the workers earned below this level.

This is the first year publicly traded companies are required to reveal the median compensation for their employees and how that compares to their CEOs.

Here’s how some of the biggest tech firms pay theirs.

Alphabet (Google)

Median compensation: $197,274

CEO Larry Page’s pay: $1

Note: It’s not uncommon for high-profile CEOs with hefty net worths to take home very little money. Page, for example, is worth an estimated $51.2 billion thanks in part to his massive stake in Alphabet (GOOG), which is Google’s parent company.


Median compensation: $54,816  CEO Elon Musk’s pay: $49,920

Note: Salaries at this electric car manufacturer differ widely depending on employees’ roles, according to data from Glassdoor. A service technician, for example, can make around $55,000, while senior engineers can earn over $100,000.


Median compensation: $155,284  CEO Marc Benioff’s pay: $4,653,362



Median compensation: $240,430  CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pay: $8,852,366

Note: Zuckerberg’s base pay was just $1, but Facebook spent nearly $9 million on his security and private planes. Business Insider reported earlier this year that rank-and-file employees don’t negotiate their salaries to ensure fairness.



Median compensation: $102,100  CEO Brian Krzanich’s pay: $21,544,700



Median compensation: $54,491  CEO Ginni Rometty: $18,595,350



Median compensation: $28,446  CEO Jeff Bezos’s pay: $1,681,840

Note: Unlike some other tech giants, Amazon has fulfillment centers all over the world. Many workers manage inventory and don’t make the hefty salaries that engineers command with their coding skills.

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