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Check out Nissan’s Latest Electric Car.




Nissan has launched a new  version of its best-selling Leaf electric vehicle, as it fights growing competition in the electric car market. The new car can travel about 50% further on a single charge than its predecessor. It has a longer range thanks to a bigger 40 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery.

More than 283,000 electric cars have been sold since the Japanese firm launched the brand in 2010, making it the world’s most purchased electric car. The jeep has a new one-pedal driving system, auto-parking tech and a more modern design.

“However, it has been predicted that the next three to four years looks set to see further upgraded and brand new vehicles and manufacturers bringing up latest models of cars.

It’s quoted range varies according to where it will be sold: eg

in Europe it is 378km (235 miles)
in Japan it is 400km (248 miles)

in the US it is 241km (150 miles)

Nissan says the introduction of a one-pedal system – in which a button press turns the accelerator pad into an “e-Pedal” that can start, accelerate, brake and stop the vehicle – will provide added energy efficiency gains.

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