Check out this exclusive Boeing Jet factory.


Boeing’s assembly site in Everett, Washington, is the largest building on earth. The aircraft maker gave our source (CNNMoney) a rare access to the factory floor where a portfolio of wide-body planes, from the 747 “Jumbo Jet” to the 787 Dreamliner, is being built.

The factory is stocked with parts flown in from suppliers all over the globe. The sprawling campus that surrounds the factory operates as its own meticulously organized city, complete with a fire station, a medical center, more than a dozen restaurants and a gym.

About 36,000 workers keep the assembly site very busy around the clock as the workers were finishing up the interior of a newly constructed 747 that will be used to carry cargo for UPS.

“This is about 6 million parts all coming together,” Mike Murray of Boeing’s visitor relations told CNN’s Richard Quest. “It’s an aircraft that’s truly hand-built properly.”

The 747 gained fame as a spacious passenger jet. But these days it’s only in demand as a freight carrier.

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