Chaos inside Facebook as employees are unable to open the company’s apps on their iPhones

Apple has blocked Facebook’s internal apps from working on employees’ phones, The Verge reports .

The move is in response to recent revelations that Facebook was misusing Apple’s enterprise app program, meant for internal use, to run a research app that gathered consumer’s phone activity in exchange for payment.

Facebook said it’s shutting down the app, which paid people (including teens) up to $20 a month to install a VPN used to track data and activity.

The move has caused internal Facebook apps to stop working, according to The Verge, a chaotic situation that the company has deemed a “critical problem.” Company apps for transportation and the lunch menu, along with beta versions of Facebook apps like Messenger and Instagram, are reportedly unable to be opened by Facebook employees.

The two tech companies have clashed before, but this latest incident was sparked by TechCrunch’s report on Tuesday that revealed Facebook has quietly been running an app called Facebook Research that tracks people’s mobile phone activity and web traffic in exchange for compensation.

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