Boom Technology invests into supersonic air travel.

Boom Technology has raised $85 million in funding from seed investors and strategic partners, such as Virgin Atlantic Airways.

In December, Japan Airlines reportedly invested $10 million to pre-order 20 of the 55-seat airliners, which are slated for a 2023 debut.

Asia’s largest travel services provider Ctrip , with almost 300 million registered users, became Boom’s first strategic partner from China because “China had promised to be one of the largest markets for supersonic air travel. The next wave of supersonic flight could make traveling between the United States and Asia a breeze.

The company has publicly announced plans to fly its XB-1, a two-seat demonstration aircraft in 2019 as proof of concept. If that goes well, the company will embark on its main mission: To build a fleet of supersonic commercial jets.

Putting that into travel terms, a typical 12-hour flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles could be reduced to roughly five to six hours because traveling has become an important form of seeking happiness.”

PICTURE CREDIT: boom technology.

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