BlackBerry introduces new phone to its loyal fans.


BlackBerry phones invoke nostalgia for physical keyboards and its once popular BBM messaging service. Due to the competion from other brands like Samsung Galaxies,  iPhones etc  who became more sohisticated and commercially popular, made BlackBerry announce to the world that it would stop making its own devices.

Key2, the latest BlackBerry mobile device, was unveiled at an event in New York City on Thursday. Although the Key2 has the look and feel of a traditional BlackBerry phone, it has modern twists, especially when it comes to security. It features a browser that doesn’t track your web activity, virus scanning and secret folders for private photos and documents.

The  Key2 is not supposed to have mass appeal. It’s aimed at a business-oriented audience who wants a communication device first, rather than a phone for entertainment and video streaming. “They also appeal  to a small corporate audience who feel attached to the format of a physical keyboard, and tend to respect the brand’s aura as a white-collar power tool with good security features.”

One  can do more with the phone, like scroll up and down on a web page by swiping your finger. it has up to two days of battery life, a dual-lens camera on the back for the first time, and popular camera features like Portrait Mode. It runs the latest Android operating system, 8.1 Oreo.

The Key2 builds on last year’s KeyOne, which was the first BlackBerry phone released under a licensing deal with Chinese manufacturer TCL Communication in 2016. BlackBerry announced the partnership with TCL, which now makes and sells BlackBerry-branded mobile devices. For its part, BlackBerry provides the software and services.

the Locker feature lets you create private folders for sensitive documents and photos, which won’t be uploaded to the cloud. You can also access Firefox Focus, a private browser that won’t track your internet history. Locker can only be accessed with your fingerprint or passcode. The phone starts at $649 and will begin shipping globally this month.

it will be a challenge to convince users to sacrifice some device functionality and performance for a hard keyboard. BlackBerry also has to compete with market leaders Apple and Samsung, in addition to a slew of Android vendors in the mid and entry-level smarphone market.

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