Baby temperature monitoring bracelet

Mothers can now monitor their babies’ temperature from anywhere through the use of the latest technology device known as Bempu.

Bempu is a temperature monitoring wristband for newborn babies that can help stop babies from developing breathing and other problems. The wristband intuitively alerts a parent if the baby’s temperature drops and the baby becomes hypothermic.

How it works:

Once an infant starts becoming hypothermic, the body conserves heat by restricting the blood flow to the arms and legs. This causes the limbs to become significantly colder which Bempu uses as an early detection sign of hypothermia.

The intuitive device alerts the mother so she can swaddle the baby, which in itself would prevent further hypothermia. The device features seamless and continuous care. It requires no training to use, it is ideal for implementation by uneducated parents as the alert system is clear. It requires no external power supply and the system can easily be used at home or clinic for up to four full weeks after activation.

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