Apple unveils first Mac computers powered by its own chip.

Apple has revealed its first Mac computers powered by chips of its own design.

In June, the company announced it would transition away from the Intel processors it had used since 2006.

Apple said the advantages of using the M1 chip included better battery life, instant wake from sleep mode, and the ability to run iOS apps.

It added it had optimised all of its own Mac apps, but now needs to convince other developers to do likewise.

The new computers include new versions of its:

13in (33cm) MacBook Air, which no longer requires a fan to keep its processor cool

13in MacBook Pro, which Apple said can now play video for 20 hours on a single battery charge – twice as long as before. It keeps its fan

Mac Mini screen-less desktop computer

Apple’s website indicates this will be the only type of MacBook Air it sells from now on, but it will continue to offer the other two machines with Intel chips as an option.

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