Apple introduce new page to help parents on kids smartphone use.

In January, two major Apple investors criticized the company for not doing more about childhood smartphone use. They called on the company to add more advanced parental controls. Kids love iPhones, and that has created some problems for Apple in recent times.

Now it is debuting a new landing page that rounds-up all of the ways parents can get more control over how and when their children use any Apple devices.

The new “Families” page is located at It is an attempt to help parents understand and use all the features that are already floating around on Apple devices. Many parents may not know that they have the power to track their children’s location, monitor and limit their purchases, and filter what content they can see on their devices.

Screen time and kids is an increasingly fraught topic. A recent survey from Common Sense Media found that 98 percent of homes with children have mobile devices, and young children are spending an average of 48 minutes a day on them. According to the study, 42% of those young kids already have their own device.

Some studies connect excessive screen time to obesity and depression, but not all research has concluded screen time is dangerous. Some experts say its the quality of screen time — not the quantity — that should be addressed.


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