Amazon refunds its customers.

Amazon is issuing refunds for those who’ve purchased possibly fake solar eclipse glasses on the site in anticipation of this summer’s big solar eclipse event.

Many of these same people have turned to the ease of Amazon for ordering the protective eyewear needed to look directly up at the sky while the solar phenomenon passes overhead.

However, Amazon has not been able to verify all of the glasses on its site have come from reputable manufacturers, they have now sent out a safety warning, telling customers not to use the questionable eyewear.

Reports of safety issues have been going on for a couple of months. One woman whom Amazon recently refunded, bought 500 eclipse glasses in bulk on the site from a Chinese manufacturer who told her they were safe. It was only later she learned the manufacturer had purposely misled her with a fake safety labeling.

mazon has reportedly been shutting down shops offering unverifiable eclipse eyewear and issuing notifications not to use them in case they cause eye damage but it may be a little too late for some who don’t get the warning in time. We’re also right up to the edge of purchasing the proper glasses from the site in time for the eclipse for those without Prime.


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